Innovative Modular Trunking & Control System

A typical lighting and small power system is based on the traditional wiring method of an arterial metal trunking system used in most major projects over the past 50 years. The principle of the proposed system is to make use of the robustness of such an installation and adapt it to allow flexibility, modification or change to the system easily, efficiently and safely for modern day use. The completed trunking installation will be a dynamic installation rather than a rigid, difficult to change system.



As Health & Safety

requirements have become paramount the pluggable system allows for the alteration or addition of extra wiring without disruption to services or danger to operatives carrying out the works. The system incorporates the electrical systems mechanically segregated from each other making maintenance or change to either Power or Lighting services completely safe, with the ability to disconnect each Power Circuit or light fitting at the trunking. This gives greater flexibility to the electrical system.

The Trunking System has the Spare Capacity

in its construction to allow it to be used conventionally allowing the installation of additional circuits to be incorporated with ease and with minimum danger. By nature of the Trunking being situated arterially throughout the floors it keeps final circuit lengths to a minimum and reduces the need to fix cables to the building fabric, creating an aesthetically pleasing installation which can be easily and safely maintained.

The System Incorporates Facilities

to easily supplementary bond all extraneous metalwork and mechanical services, install the required fire-stopping and make it easily identifiable and provide additional containment for other services keeping all services in the same vicinity making future maintenance and changes simple and practical.

The Main Advantage

of the Trunking installation is the benefit it offers for the future maintenance of the building making it safe and simple to carry out any works on the system by maintenance operatives as each cable is identified on the Installation Drawing.

Design & Drawings 


The installation is designed using AutoCAD following the containment routes initially proposed and likewise the circuitry has also remained as per the original design concept. These drawings are submitted by ourselves as ‘Preliminary or For Approval’ to the client. During a fixed period these can then be reviewed and any anomalies are changes made. Upon approval the drawing would then be issued as construction and production would begin. The system has three drawing per floor area and from these drawings ‘take offs are produced’

Containment – this shows the route that the trunking system will take with the individually numbered pieces shown.

Power – This shows all the power cables required for the installation with the type and length of cables they are.

Lighting - As per the power drawing.

Modular Solution - General Overview 


The system is based around five main components:

  • Pre-Wired Pluggable Distribution Board
  • Home Run Cable (HR)
  • Pluggable Trunking System
  • Power Extender Cable
  • Lighting Extender Cables

Pre-Wired Distribution Board:

The distribution boards and all components are free issued to our Rugby manufacturing plant where they are assembled, prewired, tested and mounted onto steel channel frame.

Pluggable Home-Run Cable (HR):

These cables extend the 6 or 9Nº PNE circuits from the final distribution board to the MDB. Each circuit core is individually numbered for identification. The DALI control pairs are included in the construction of the home run. The cables are spirally wrapped with clear Lo-Tac Mylar tape and are predominately contained in the main trunking route and where exposed they are sleeved within a 40mm flexible conduit to maintain the integrity of the mechanical protection they are all fitted with a multi-pin plug to allow swift installation to the pre-wired distribution board.

Pluggable Trunking System:

The Trunking system has three main components

1. Feeder Box (start of trunking system).

2. Modular Trunking (designed to suit building, lengths in 300mm increments, complete with all bends, sets and tee’s required).

3. Home Run Termination Boxes (Installed around the trunking installation to facilitate the distribution of final circuits)

Power Extender Cable:

These cables provide the final and subsequent connections between the Trunking System and the power outlets and are fitted with 5 Pole 32A Green Connector. Lighting (Blue) and Power (Green) connectors are not compatible. These cables are within flexible galvanised metal conduit giving full mechanical and EMI protection.

Lighting Extender Cable:

These cables provide the final connection between the trunking system and the luminaires and are fitted with 5 Pole 25A Blue connector.


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