Complete The Connection

The installer connectors need to be within a suitable enclosure. According to BS 7671, “every connection and termination must be enclosed irrespective of the nominal voltage”. The WAGOBOX Light junction box meet BS EN 60670-01 and BS EN 60670-22.

The WAGOBOX Light junction box is for use with our 224, 260 and 294 Series connectors.

WAGOBOX Light Part Numbers 

Grey Single - Part No. 51303208
Pack of 10 - Part No. 51257303
Mounting Button, Pack of 10 - Part No. 51009130

Installation Instructions (BS EN 60670-22) 


1. Strip

The outer protective sheath of the cable 35mm.


2. Select

The appropriate 224 Series connectors for the circuit to be connected. Strip insulation to recommended length and connect the cables together to make the circuit.


3. Arrange

The cables and connectors over the WAGOBOX Light ensuring the outer sheath of the cables protrudes past the grippers into the inside of the WAGOBOX Light. Push the cables down into the clamps as far as they will go. Close the lid and snap shut.


4. Fixing Buttons

If required the WAGOBOX Light can be fitted to a surface using the WAGOBOX mounting button feature. The base of the WAGOBOX Light has two sliding slots, either one or both can be used. The lid of the WAGOBOX Light can be secured with a tie wrap if necessary.

Instruction Sheet

For further details please view WAGOBOX Light Instruction Leaflet


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